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It was a wonderful Memorial Day weekend for Bond fans who came to play the EPCOT 007 Adventure in Orlando, Florida. Friends from as far as Germany flew in for a weekend of Bond movies and BBQ , then on Saturday compete in the World Showcase Domination game of the EPCOT 007 Adventure, held annually at the Walt Disney World Resort and organized by Theme Party People.

This year, 40 Bond fans deciphered puzzles & solved Bond trivia questions to lead them to a specific Country located in the World Showcase- and there, engage in mind scratching scavenger hunts. It was all in fun, and this years winners, The Bondover in first, Team Stogie in second and Team Tallon in third had their challenging moments,

A Bond reception was held at the Cabana Bar at the Walt Disney World Dolphin resort, where the band entertained the group with "Secret Agent Man" and other spy hits.