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From the moment you step out of the airport and onto the docks of Venice, Italy, you will enter the mystery, romance and uniqueness that has made this historic city an icon for film, literature and the arts.


Our stunning hotel, the Splendid Venice  (not to be confused with the ficticious Montenegro Hotel Splendide from the film, Casino Royale!), is wonderfully situated in the heart of Venice. It may be reached even by gondola and by motor-boat, and overlooks romantic bridges and the sparkling facades of the century-old 'palazzo'. Inside, its pleasant cosy areas and rooms unwind, conveying a delicate elegant atmosphere, like that of an authentic house on the lagoon: from the music room to the media room, from the cafe to the restaurant, from the library to the large terrace with an altana [partially covered roof-terrace] where to appreciate the unique view of the roof-tops of Venice.




From there our adventures begin-as detailed in our itinerary, the 2006 film, "Casino Royale" will be studied from camera perspectives from most all the Venetian locations. A discussion of the film making process, the special effects and trivia from the production will take place during the tour. Of note , our sites will include Bond and Vesper's sail up the Grand Canal, the fishmarket, the Danielli, the "Vesper chase" including the finale courtyard and collapsing piazza locations.


For "Moonraker", we have exclusive access to the Drax drawing room (no gas masks needed) which is actually located within the very historic Ca' Rennzo.SP.  Our tour includes a visit to a GLASS BLOWING factory, similar as shown in "Moonraker" for the creation of the poisonous vials and the Glass Showroom.We will follow Bond's gondola boat chase as well as the finale shots from "From Russia With Love". From there, on to Campo San Barnaba, which you will recognize as the "library" and cafe square from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". For horror fans, we will also visit exteriors from "Don't Look Now" with Donald Sutherland, keep an eye out for dwarves in red raincoats.

It won't be all film locations on the tour, of course! Our wonderful Globus guides will guide us to the famous sites of Venice to please first timers and experienced Venetian tourists alike.We enjoy time at the Cafe Florian ( "Summertime" with Katherine Hepburn)in St. Marks for an aperitif and look for gondola hovercrafts and pidgeons doing a double take. We will visit the mask shop where Stanley Kubrick chose the mask worn by Tom Cruise in "Eyes Wide Shut" and have time to shop for some ourselves.  Leslie and I lead those interested in search of the perfect martini (or Bellini) over to Harry's Bar, a favorite of Hemingway,ex-pats and locals alike.

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