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Set: The Roger Moore James Bond 007 film, "A View to Kill", takes place primarily in France and in San Francisco, California.AVTAK

As we could not afford to book a Zorin blimp as our Set, we chose a Parisian cafe. Charles, our computer geek did build a Zoran blimp from a remote controlled unit from Radio Shack. We borrowed many iron cafe tables from the neighbors, red/white tablecloths from the Party Supply store and voila, our cafe.

Action: Craig, our Club volunteer sommelier from Orlando's Tim's Wine Market, really outdid himself for this party. He brought a complete flight of French and California wines as well as a chart of the various wine growing regions. He discussed the rise of American wines and key differences in the best of both nations wines.As a side challenge, Club members all purchased "make your own wine" kits several months prior and brought their vintages for Sommelier Craig to judge.

Music: Rich created a Parisian cafe mix as well as interspersed some Bond instrumental pieces.
Catering: Beginning on an opening appetizer spread of caviar, French cheese and dips, the chefs treated our movie club to a wide variety of Californian eclectic dishes as well as traditional French cuisine.