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King and I                      Godfather

"The King and I", as seen on the Rachael Ray Show                  "The Godfather Weekend" event

 TLDTBall Dive

    "The Living Daylights" Bond Concert                             "Thunderball" Scuba Party           

Rich and Leslie enjoy movies, innovative food and exotic cuisine and people. Over the years, their "entertaining hobby" has taken on a life of its own , with Rich and Leslie creating themed parties that closely resemble a Hollywood production. They call their approach "lights, camera, party", taking their media and theatrical experience and applying it to affordable and no hassle party hosting and themed tours. What was a hobby has grown to national television appearances on "The Rachael Ray Show", charity events and private functions.

Here you will find a sampling of movie and Broadway parties we have created for our movie clubs and special event groups. We will be adding more tips, photos and recipes over the next few months. For the privacy of our guests and the originality and creativity of their party ideas, please request to use content within with permission of themepartypeople.com

My Fair Lady Race Party PDF Print E-mail

Even the guys enjoyed "My Fair Lady" when it came time for the opening race at our dinner club party set to the race sequence from the Rex Harrison/ Audrey Hepburn film.

Set: We set cafe tables around our back porch and decorated them with an array of flowers and baskets. At our front door,  we took a serving cart and dressed it to appear much like Eliza Doolittles flower cart from Covent Garden. 

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"Thunderball" Scuba Party PDF Print E-mail



Set:  We decorated our pool area to represent the lair of villain, Emilio Largo, of the film classic, "Thunderball" starring Sean Connery. As we have a number of Bond fans in our movie club, we wanted to recreate Palmyra, Rock Point in Nassau around the pool and provide yacht style decor, seating and theme in keeping with villain Largos amazing ship, the Disco Volante. We did have to keep the spear gun locked way, lest someone get the point.


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The Godfather Weekend Party PDF Print E-mail

Set:  We actually created three separate themed environments to capture a full weekend screening to Godfather I,II & III. Godfather I was themed out to the "going to the mattresses" siege at the Godfather Compound. Day two  for Godfather II was an outdoor wedding scene, complete with Johnny Fontaine sound-alike.  Day three concluded with a simple brunch at the village of Corleone, with the showing of Godfather III.

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