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Welcome to the our Themed Travel, Tours and Cruises Production area.  If you enjoy experiencing new sights, cities, countries and locales with a slant to the fun, history, cuisine and glamour of the films  then TPP Tours is for you. We enjoy creating special events and tours for friends and those that not only enjoy the movies but wish to live them too. Is it our business? No! We have too much fun with the people we meet around the world, traveling to film locations of all genres and subjects. But we do have many years of film history and production experience not to share it with you.

Leslie and her partners are seasoned travel and cruise agents and have coordinated travel and tours for individuals and corporations for over ten years.

Rich, with many years in the film business,  provides the concepts and  researches film locations and creates the experiences that our friends and fellow travelers keep coming back for more!

2015 SPECTRE Spectacular PDF Print E-mail

SPECTRE Premieres Around the World


Richard Skillman,reporting.

October 26, 2015

The Bond world gathered the week of October 25th for a celebration of the return of Daniel Craig as 007 in the Bond 24, "SPECTRE" with a fete filled schedule of Bond Parties, Club events, Book signings, Celebrity sightings, culminating in a Royal World Premiere in London and a Paris premiere also attended by the major stars.

The James Bond film location bible, "On the Tracks of 007" stared the week with a 20th Anniversary Party at the Pinewood Hotel hosted by Editor Martijn Mulder and featuring Bond production legend Terry Bamber and Bond Band, "Q the Music". (https://qthemusicshow.com/)

Leslie and I chose Duke's as our hotel, having sample mixologist Alessandro Pallazi Bond inspired cocktails when we visited in 2012 for "Skyfall". Ian Fleming, it is said, invented the Vesper here, and the boutique hotel and small upscale bar is legendary. We recommend a stay on your next Bond visit!

Also on the Bond "life" must list were cocktails at the Ritz and Savoy- unparalleled luxury service and inspired cocktails in their own right. For dinner, Rules Restaurant was the hot ticket this year, as M is seen dining at Rules in the film, "SPECTRE". The oldest restaurant in London, it is founded on the King's game meat and the roast dish and accompaniments are 5 star excellent.

Our Bond event hosts, CinemaRetro's Lee and Janet Pfeiffer and Dave Worrall, coordinated 007 activities that would rival a military operation, loading each day with film locations, Bond surprises and major events...which included...

Bond writers Ajay Chowdbury and Matthew Field hosted the launch of their new extensive tome, "Some Kind of Hero", an exhaustively researched deep dive into the films of Bond, a must for any serious fan of the films. In attendance to celebrate were the Bond girls themselves-- Maud Adams, Martine Beswicke, Madelyn Smith and to my pleasure and a full 30 minutes of one on one discussions, Luciana Paluzzi!

The cars and props from Bond were present at BOND IN MOTION including the new DB10 from SPECTRE and this well attended event included Meg Simmonds, archivist from EON signing her new work, BOND BY DESIGN.And lets not forget 007 himself, Sir Roger Moore, performing a solo show in Bath and book signing for the recently updated BOND on BOND, chock-full of Rogers reminiscences and looks at the 007 Phenom.

Turning to SPECTRE itself, we were honored to have the pleasure of attending two premieres, the Royal in London at Royal Albert Hall and the Paris Premiere at the Rex Cinema. EON continues its top drawer film experience of a star studded and glamorous red carpet walk with many opportunities to see the stars and share photos. My highlight was to have several minutes of discussion with Bond producer Michael Wilson, who along with Barbara Broccoli, have shepherded the film franchise thought out the decades. I expressed appreciation for their dedication to fans and their impact on our lives. He was a most kind and gentle man, giving me more time that probably necessary on such a busy evening. The evening has been more than covered by the media and fan magazines, needless to say, the film, the evening were magical and the film great fun!

Not just satisfied with seeing the film in London, (we checked out the IMAX the next day), several of us hard core fans grabbed the 7 am Eurostream and headed off to Paris to attend the board meeting of the James Bond French Club, led by Luc LeClech along with a legion of Bond French fans and experts. The Club never fails to impress and this was no different, Director John Glen was in attendance to sign his book , FOR MY EYES ONLY as well as several other French 007 authors and noted Bond artist Jeffrey Marshall. The evening wsa capped with the French Premiere of SPECTRE at the Rex Cinema, and Mr. LeClech surprised us all with a special audience with Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Christop Waltz, Monica Bellucchi and Barbara Broccoli...what a special treat that was.

Returning home to Orlando, we of course had to organize a Theme Party People premiere of our own..! Choosing the Day of the Dead Bar at the Mexican restaurant chain, Rocco's Tacos..we secured the Dead Bar along with 10 foot statues from the Dead parade. Guests dined on Belvedere martinis and appetizers, wearing skull masks and viewing props from the film, courtesy of a private collector

Exhausting week but as we all know... James Bond will return! As will Theme Party People!

007 Walk of Fame Schilthorn Piz Gloria PDF Print E-mail


July 31, 2015: Theme Party People's Richard Skillman was invited to join Bond professionals from around the world high atop the Swiss Alps to formally open the "007 Walk of Fame" at Schilthorn's Piz Gloria restaurant and museum. Honoring the 1969 James Bond classic film, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the Walk of Fame organizers brought 007 star George Lazenby, Bond director John Glen along with Bond girls, villains and stunt men to the VIP soirée via helicopter, complete with machine guns and an aerial stunt show. The Walk will feature the hand-prints of the major performers and crew from "OHMSS" and will serve to compliment the Bond World interactive museum which opened previously. Blofeld henchman Terrance Mountain entertained the fans with behind the scenes stories and the Bond girls and stunts included

  • Sylvana Henriques (The Jamaican Girl)
  • Catherina von Schell (Nancy)
  • Jenny Hanley (The Irish Girl)
  • Stunt double Vic Armstrong (has doubled for all Bond actors with the exception of Daniel Craig)
  • Wendy Leech (Stunt Double)






Quoting Schilthorn executive, Christoph Egger “James Bond 007 fascinates and inspires people worldwide,” says Schilthorn Cableway chief executive Christoph Egger.“On the one hand, people are fascinated by the Bond actors and the classic characters such as the Bond Girls and Miss Moneypenny,” says Egger. “On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget the many other contributors to the movie, who often have exciting background stories to tell.”



More on Schilthorn at :


Bonding In the Bahamas PDF Print E-mail


Bonding in the Bahamas 2015 Film Location Tour, celebrating the Nassau films of James Bond 007

as told by our host, Emilio Largo


May 25, 2015…as our Bahamas Air Boeing 737 touched down at Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, I knew this week would be an exciting one for Domino and me. Having taken great care to assemble candidates from over ten countries, 40 James Bond fans that would appreciate


British Colonial Hilton

Largo Prepares

a 5 day celebration of the 1965 classic 007 film, “Thunderball”, I knew all was in readiness. I counted on our organizers,Richard and Leslie Skillman, from Themepartypeople, to anticipate any possible variation of counter-move in our activities.

Our adventure began at the British Colonial Hilton, known as “James Bond Hotel “on the island as it is here that Bond stays and has several scenes appear in 1983’s “Never Say Never Again”. The tiki bar where Sean Connery’s martini is nearly soaked by Fatima Blush is now long gone due to a hurricane but one can imagine the sounds of 007’s Scottish brogue over the sounds of a water ski boat inquiring as to the location of the Disco Volante.


The Hilton would be our host hotel for the next few days and Largo is never caught unprepared, I insured that a supply of Kina Lillet was brought in for those that prefer the Vesper Martini, which of course, many were, enjoyed our first evening.



While the island of Nassau is staggeringly beautiful, we began our first location visit under Nassau, more aptly, underwater at the Clifton Pier, courtesy of Stuart Cove Dive Shop. While now more pipe than plane, the Thunderball Vulcan Bomber rests in 40 feet of water and is easily seen from the surface snorkeling as well as a good dive experience. Sharp eyes will notice that the “tires” of the Vulcan are made of cement and haven’t aged a day. Enhancing the dive is a nearby wreck, the Tears of Allah, from “Never Say Never Again, and she being a bit younger looks very close to her film appearance and is an exciting dive.


Our post dive afternoon was spent touring Bay Street and Rawson Square where both “Thunderball” and “Never Say Never Again” were filmed extensively. Our agents faithfully captured photos of the Junkanoo street, Pinders offices, the columns where Small-Fawcet took cover...if you know your Bond films, this will have meaning to you.


Dinner that evening for Domino and I was at the incomparable Graycliffs Restaurant, not far from the Hilton. We enjoyed a dry martini piano-side before dining on a wonderful steak cooked to perfection. Joining us afterwards from Belgium and Boston were two SPECTRE agents with a deep knowledge of wine, sommeliers in their own right. Boasting the largest wine cellar in the Western Hemisphere, we were given a private tour by the cordial and knowledgeable owner, Enrico Garzaroli. Over $30 million of wine are shelved throughout the former “dungeon” of this old home, one rare vintage, a 1995 Château d'Yquem was worth $31,000 alone.




Our day tour began brightly the next day as I narrated a bit of the production background and site specifics to our new agents that had not deployed with me before. Our first stop was my home, Palmyra. She, like “Thunderball”, is over 50 years in age and she has faced storm after storm but stands strong. I was pleased to see her again and we enjoyed the pool area and reminisced over the shark pool, how I miss Vargas and to some extent, Quist.



From Palmyra, we head southwest to the Royal Bahamian Defence base to tour the two incredible James Bond film sites that are not accessible to the public. The construction site from “Casino Royale” still stands and is used by the Bahamian military as a training area. The structure hasn’t changed dramatically other than a PX on its ground floor. Interestingly enough, it was also used as a camera platform for “The Spy Who Loved Me”.



Nearby is a rare Bond find, the Coral Harbor Hotel seen in “Thunderball”. It is the front of this hotel, now Defence building, that Fiona drops Bond off after a 100 mph “rhyde”. The interiors still remain from the film and around back stands the swimming pool area where Bond and Domino come ashore and have their conch chowder! Outside the gates of the Defence grounds we also saw the remaining structure of the shanty town from “Casino Royale” where Bond first connects with the bomber.

We head back east and from the rural woods of the west side now open to resorts and high rises- we cross over onto Paradise Island, home of the mega property Atlantis. Amid the palms, tiki bars and oil slicked tourist’s stands the lone remaining remnant of what was the breakwater. The old bridge is now long gone but one can still hide under the breakwater in an 007 pose as he waits for my SPECTRE agents and myself to dive out to retrieve the bombs. Clever man.





SPECTRE agents cannot create evil without a good lunch and I take my tour to the One & Only Resort, site from “Casino Royale”. Our wonderful guide, Cara, leads us through the main lobby seen from the poker game sequence where Bond wins his Aston Martin as well as the grounds and into Bougainvillea, Bond’s villa where he seduces Solange. I did mention lunch? Our team were feted to an incredible lunch from Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten on Conch Salad, Jerk Chicken Sandwiches, Chocolate lava cake and of course, the Dune Lemon Drop Martini. All delicious.



An after tour party is arranged at the John Watlings Distillery which just a few years ago was the derelict Buena Vista Hotel, site of the Embassy from Casino Royale. Now beautifully remodeled with a fully functional rum distillery, my friends at Watlings serve up rum Collins, Pina coladas  along with Sean Connery’s favorite, the Rum Dum. But there are more surprises for my dear agents—the sounds of a Junkanoo strain into the party as Charles Ferguson’s world famous Junkanoo arrives to entertain my little tour and help us finish the wonderful day of touring Nassau.

Our final day included a powerboat ocean cruise that had its own surprises and our agents had a relaxing day on the water with unlimited beverages, sun and stories of past missions. Despite MI6’s attempts to thwart my plans, we enjoyed our day nevertheless.


Our finale evening, hosted by Richard and Leslie Skillman of Theme Party People and Craig Woods of the Bahamas Film Commission was a total surprise for my henchmen. We were led poolside at the British Colonial Hilton by beautiful Junkanoo girls to the party area. Casts and crews from the Bahamas film community mingled with our agents, who for the evening were resplendent in their tuxedos and gowns. A large spread of island delicacies as well as flowing Vespers greeted us all, stories were told of our exploits, promises of missions to come announced.




40 Bonds 9 Countries!


Perhaps the greatest surprise of all was the finale acknowledgment to our week’s Bonding in the Bahamas adventure… a signed book on the Bahamas from Sir Sean Connery to the fans of James Bond who came to Nassau to enjoy his work in perhaps one of the greatest Bond films ever…..”Thunderball”…

It is said always at the end of the films that James Bond Will Return… and we will.




With Deep Regards to all…. Largo and Domino

With many thanks to Craig Woods, Steven Symonette, Clarence Rolle, Bahamas Film & Tourism Commission, Lindsay Skillman, Jeffrey Marshall, Remmert VanBraam, Martijn Mulder, Gay Hanson, Paul Scrabo,The Mosko Family, One & Only Resorts, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Vesper magicians at the British Colonial Hilton


Contact Largo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Note: Theme Party People and Bonding in the Bahamas is a non-profit fan gathering by fans for fans. All content copyright their respective owners. This event is not affliated, endorsed nor supported by EON, Sony, MGM organizations nor represents an official celebration of any film or property.

Operation Euro 2013: The Istanbul Venetian Affair Film Location Tour PDF Print E-mail


From Istanbul-Vienna-Prague-Karlovy Vary-Munich-Cortina to Venice

Hosted by Richard and Leslie Skillman


ISTANBUL: The mission began with agents assembling in the new Delta SKYCLUB luxury SKYBAR, which is outside and provides a spectacular view of the city and airplanes departing while we sipped on our last martini before boarding. Our flights delivered us all safe and sound at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and from there our check in at the Surmeli Hotel, our base of operations for the next few days.

IF YOU HAVE TO ASK THE PRICE OF MARTINIS…Our first stop on the tour was the PERA PALAS hotel, while incorrectly identified as the hotel James Bond stays at in the novel, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, it was the very hotel where Agatha Christie wrote MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. Our waiters, all huge Bond fans, treated us to a wonderful mushroom risotto along with their own 007 brand martini. We visited Ataturk’s office, housed here as a museum, with many of the Turkish leaders’ belongings and papers. We then taxied up the waterside to the beautiful Dolmabahce Palace, nestled on the Bosporus and one of Istanbul’s prized museums. Adjacent to the Palace are two world class resorts, the FOUR SEASONS and the CIRAGEN KEMPINSKI PALACE, the latter was used by the SKYFALL cast as its hotel and the site of the Press Announcement for SKYFALL. Incredibly very good martinis are served here, we recommend them, note the $30 per martini cost for your MI6 or CIA expense accounts.


Our drive down to the city through Taksim Square takes us by the gate seen as the RUSSIAN EMBASSY in FRWL and we have our group photo. A great tour followed of TOPKAPI Palace, easily a day in itself with its massive grounds and the location for the heist caper film of the same name.

Next stop is the Grand Bazaar, which is figured prominently in both SKYFALL and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Entering the Nuru Osmaniye Mosque gate entrance, we recreate Connery’s 007 walk through the Bazaar to meet with Karim Bey.  Look for the stone fountain on the main "highway" of the Bazaar. Other locations within the Bazaar are the HAN, the exterior upstairs patio where Red Grant spies on Tania as she goes to meet with Klebb and Gate 7, which is the gate Daniel Craig poses on the motorcycle in front of.

Also, you can find the gate area that was rigged with a false wall and window for SKYFALL’s Patrice to crash his motorcycle through. Other SKYFALL locations included the Bazaar path and stairs up to the roof. No 007 would leave the rooftop unchecked, and our group made our way to the rooftops for photos and marveling at the SKYFALL (and TAKEN2 and INTERNATIONAL) sequences filmed here. The view is amazing on the roof and one could imagine the logistics of filming the SKYFALL chase up here!


Read more: Operation Euro 2013: The Istanbul Venetian Affair Film Location Tour
Buena Vista Casino Royale site reopens PDF Print E-mail

Fellow Agents who joined us for our Nassau Reloaded tour, visited the Buena Vista Hotel, site of the Embassy scenes in Casino Royale, which was then under renovation by John Watling's...with pleasure, we can share it is open for business!





John Watling’s Rum MAKES ITS DEBUT AS THE premium

‘spirit of the bahamas’

Nassau, The Bahamas, April 16, 2013 – John Watling's Distillery – JOHN WATLING’S rum, the “Spirit of The Bahamas”, announced today that it has opened its doors for complimentary tours at its home, the Buena Vista Estate, in Downtown Nassau. The historic Estate, founded in 1789 and overlooking the harbour, is the site where Bahamians hand-craft JOHN WATLING’S small-batch Pale, Amber and Buena Vista rums. At the Estate, John Watling’s features a production and museum-like tour, shopping and signature Bahamian cocktails at its Red Turtle Tavern. Within walking distance from the cruise ship port, John Watling’s Distillery is located on Delancy Street and is open from 10am-6pm, seven days a week.

John Watling’s Distillery has worked with the Antiquities, Monument and Museum Corporation (AMMC), the National Insurance Board (NIB), N&M Architects and Coastline Construction to refurbish the Buena Vista Estate to its original splendor. The restoration, which also includes the construction of a 10,000 square foot purpose-built barrel ageing and production facility as its storehouse, lasted more than a year.

“It is very important to us that John Watling’s Distillery and the Buena Vista Estate celebrate the rich history and heritage of The Bahamas. We have made sure that everything from our distillery to our rums is of the highest quality,” said Jose B. Portuondo, Founding Partner. “John Watling’s Distillery is a must-see stop in Nassau – In fact, here visitors will find a multisensory experience which features history, architecture, natural beauty, sweeping views of the harbour and the chance to take home a bottle of John Watling’s rum”.

The Estate:

Set on more than two acres of lush tropical gardens with centenary black olive trees, The Buena Vista Estate has been part of the history of Nassau, New Providence, and The Bahamas since 1789. Construction started on the house the same year as the United States Constitution was enacted; George Washington was elected President of the United States, and the start of the French Revolution.

The legendary Buena Vista Home hosted many famous patrons in the past, including everyone from Robert Mitchum and Bobby Kennedy to Ed Sullivan and Joan Crawford. The Estate made its Hollywood debut when it was featured in the James Bond film Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig.

The newly renovated Buena Vista Estate now serves as the visitor experience for John Watling’s Distillery, featuring antique furnishings, interactive exhibits, a retail store, and a tavern. It will also be made available for corporate and private functions.

Read more: Buena Vista Casino Royale site reopens
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