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Welcome to the our Themed Travel, Tours and Cruises Production area.  If you enjoy experiencing new sights, cities, countries and locales with a slant to the fun, history, cuisine and glamour of the films  then TPP Tours is for you. We enjoy creating special events and tours for friends and those that not only enjoy the movies but wish to live them too. Is it our business? No! We have too much fun with the people we meet around the world, traveling to film locations of all genres and subjects. But we do have many years of film history and production experience not to share it with you.

Leslie and her partners are seasoned travel and cruise agents and have coordinated travel and tours for individuals and corporations for over ten years.

Rich, with many years in the film business,  provides the concepts and  researches film locations and creates the experiences that our friends and fellow travelers keep coming back for more!

Buena Vista Casino Royale site reopens PDF Print E-mail

Fellow Agents who joined us for our Nassau Reloaded tour, visited the Buena Vista Hotel, site of the Embassy scenes in Casino Royale, which was then under renovation by John Watling's...with pleasure, we can share it is open for business!





John Watling’s Rum MAKES ITS DEBUT AS THE premium

‘spirit of the bahamas’

Nassau, The Bahamas, April 16, 2013 – John Watling's Distillery – JOHN WATLING’S rum, the “Spirit of The Bahamas”, announced today that it has opened its doors for complimentary tours at its home, the Buena Vista Estate, in Downtown Nassau. The historic Estate, founded in 1789 and overlooking the harbour, is the site where Bahamians hand-craft JOHN WATLING’S small-batch Pale, Amber and Buena Vista rums. At the Estate, John Watling’s features a production and museum-like tour, shopping and signature Bahamian cocktails at its Red Turtle Tavern. Within walking distance from the cruise ship port, John Watling’s Distillery is located on Delancy Street and is open from 10am-6pm, seven days a week.

John Watling’s Distillery has worked with the Antiquities, Monument and Museum Corporation (AMMC), the National Insurance Board (NIB), N&M Architects and Coastline Construction to refurbish the Buena Vista Estate to its original splendor. The restoration, which also includes the construction of a 10,000 square foot purpose-built barrel ageing and production facility as its storehouse, lasted more than a year.

“It is very important to us that John Watling’s Distillery and the Buena Vista Estate celebrate the rich history and heritage of The Bahamas. We have made sure that everything from our distillery to our rums is of the highest quality,” said Jose B. Portuondo, Founding Partner. “John Watling’s Distillery is a must-see stop in Nassau – In fact, here visitors will find a multisensory experience which features history, architecture, natural beauty, sweeping views of the harbour and the chance to take home a bottle of John Watling’s rum”.

The Estate:

Set on more than two acres of lush tropical gardens with centenary black olive trees, The Buena Vista Estate has been part of the history of Nassau, New Providence, and The Bahamas since 1789. Construction started on the house the same year as the United States Constitution was enacted; George Washington was elected President of the United States, and the start of the French Revolution.

The legendary Buena Vista Home hosted many famous patrons in the past, including everyone from Robert Mitchum and Bobby Kennedy to Ed Sullivan and Joan Crawford. The Estate made its Hollywood debut when it was featured in the James Bond film Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig.

The newly renovated Buena Vista Estate now serves as the visitor experience for John Watling’s Distillery, featuring antique furnishings, interactive exhibits, a retail store, and a tavern. It will also be made available for corporate and private functions.

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"Bond"ing In Britain-SKYFALL Premiere PDF Print E-mail

We spent an over the top week with Bond friends, Bond Magazine & Tour editors,  writers and Fan Club Presidents, all in London to attend the Royal World Premiere of "Skyfall", the 23rd James Bond film, celebrating 50 years of the franchise. It was great to connect with friends we have traveled all over the world with enjoying the film sites and locations of James Bond films. The Bond marketing machine pulled out all the stops in London, with billboards on every corner and bus, decorated windows in Harrods and several key Bond centric exhibitions.

Bondstars.com hosted a Dr.No event at Pinewood Studios which included Sir Roger Moore in attendance discussing his new book, "Bond on Bond". A newly mastered digital print of "Dr.No" was shown to the audience after many of the remaining crew and cast were introduced, including James Bond theme music composer, Monte Norman and the first Bond girl,  Eunice Gayson. A hearty English meal was provided with we were delighted to have the opportunity to dine with Golden Girl, Shirley Eaton from "Goldfinger". Many Bond stars were on hand to sign photos and rare collectables were for sale from many well known Bond vendors.

"On The Tracks of 007" Author Martijn Mulder hosted a pre-Pinewood party and we had a wonderful time reconnecting with many friends in the Bond world. Martijn has been a strong supporter of our travels around the world to James Bond film sites and is hard at work on another update of his very popular resource guide.


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Dr. No at AMC Theaters PDF Print E-mail

Attention Florida James Bond Fans, join the Florida 007 Club at the Downtown Disney AMC Theaters Monday, September 24th for a digital showing of "Dr. No" at 7 pm. Meet other Bond fans and enjoy seeing the first of 23 films and get ready for "Skyfall", premiering November!


007 Heaven- Bond Film Sites from Thomas Cook UK PDF Print E-mail

Roger Moore and Theme Party People discuss the world of James Bond and traveling the James Bond lifestyle in the August issue of Thomas Cook Travel..check it out. Note: registration required.




Operation:Nassau Reloaded, as told by Felix PDF Print E-mail

Re:Field Report: Operation: Nassau Reloaded

To: James Bond, MI6
From Felix Leiter, CIA
Bond, here is a copy of my official report I submitted to Langley. I left you and Largo's "niece" back at the island so I assumed you're a bit busy and might appreciate using my report for your old man at MI6.



CIA, MI6 Interpol, please find my updates to the nearly accomplished 2011 mission “Villains & Voodoo” cruise to the James Bond film sites of New Orleans, Key West and Nassau. You will recall the cruise was redirected to Cozumel due to the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  Our combined international team of agents agreed to return this year and finish the remaining activities in Nassau, Bahamas.  Black Op members,Rich and Leslie Skillman of Theme Party People organized the weekend event, “Operation Nassau Reloaded" and most all the original team from countries around the world rejoined the mission.

Agents arrived on May 24th, 2012 and were greeted 007 lifestyle-wise (you'll probably delete that, eh James?) with Vesper martinis at the British Colonial Hilton, the host hotel and movie site from “Never Say Never Again” (*factoid, the Colonial is also mentioned in Fleming’s short story, “Quantum of Solace”).

The ski up scene featuring Fatima Blush was shot on a now long gone tiki bar at the end of the hotel pier. A late evening of Bahamian cuisine and catching up on the year's activities was completed, the group dined at BLU, a few blocks from Rawson Square, site of both “Thunderball” and “NSNA” sequences featuring Bond, Pinder & Paula meeting at the strawmarket and from NSNA, Bond and Small Fawcett connecting. Following an excellent meal which included local conch favorites, chowder and salad, the tour danced to the local band at BLU and returned to the Hilton, ready to begin the adventures in the morning.

An early morning departure on the 007 tour bus and Richard narrated the origins of the “Thunderball” production as the group arrived and disembarked at Rock Point, a private residence, more familiar as Largo’s estate, Palmyra.

The grounds have seen heavy impacts of hurricane damage since the film’s production in 1965. Of note, the red/white canopies are long gone and one notices the pool has now several statues at each end. Walking around the house, the shark pool is still intact although not in use and in need of much repair. The group mused how incredible this location could serve as a 007 museum or Bed & Breakfast, we could take up a collection but are fairly sure it will fall far short.


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