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Theme Party People

Live the Movies!

About Richard and Leslie

Richard Skillman has over 30 years in the media industry involved in the management and distribution of programming for companies such as MGM, 20th Century Fox, Warner, CBS, MTV, NBC/Universal, Discovery Channel and Walt Disney Studios.

Richard created and co-produced the "Imagineering the Magic" series for the Disney Company and these DVDs are sold throughout the Disney Theme parks and Stores.

Leslie Skillman has worked in the resort industry and travel agency business for over 20 years.   Leslie was part of the opening management team for the Walt Disney Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. Currently; she works in the Florida media industry.

Rich and Leslie enjoy hosting themed tours, special events and parties for friends and those interested in living the movies, not just watching them. They have made several appearances on "The Rachael Ray Show" as her theme party experts and on "Dr.G. Medical Examiner" on the Discovery Health Channel.

Together,they have taken their interests to creating genre tours for spy and action films, as well as themed event parties including series for Broadway, Hollywood classics.