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Set:  We decorated our pool area to represent the lair of villain, Emilio Largo, of the film classic, "Thunderball" starring Sean Connery. As we have a number of Bond fans in our movie club, we wanted to recreate Palmyra, Rock Point in Nassau around the pool and provide yacht style decor, seating and theme in keeping with villain Largos amazing ship, the Disco Volante. We did have to keep the spear gun locked way, lest someone get the point.



Costumes: As this was  a pool party, most of the ladies came in black/white swimsuits ala heroine "Domino" and guys chose scuba wear, either SPECTRE evil agents or James Bond .


Catering:  The cuisine was very creative with chicken roti, a series of Caribbean rice dishes, decorated by tables of palm leaves. 


Drink:  Red Stripe beer and Dry Vesper Martinis of course.


Score: Rich created a mp3 file of all his favorite Bond themes and incidental music, intermixing them with steel drum caribbe themes. On a separate sound file was an effx loop of crashing surf.



 Action: We invited our local Dive Shop to provide a 30:00 minute Pool Dive Lesson for any interested Guest.  Circling about the divers were battery controlled sharks to lend a more menacing mood!