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Set: We created a backyard  Safari Camp, borrowing tents from all the Father/Daughter campers on the street(!). Using camping lanterns and folding chairs, the theme was a night of great African films- "African Queen" and one of our favorites from childhood, "Hatari" with John Wayne.
Costumes: Doesn't everyone have a pith helmet? Safari garb was easy and being a summer night, most comfortable.

Catering:   Rich and Dennis bought frozen turkey legs (those giant ones you see at the theme parks) and BBQ'd up over a 100. Of course, the guests were told they were ostrich legs. Chef Gary used an authentic African recipe to broil Tilapia and served "Nile Perch". 
Drink: Tusker Beer was specially ordered from the ABC Supply company as well as a broad range of fine South African vintages.

Score: Rich created a sound loop of jungle noises for the background and for music, had a medley of African Masai chants and dances, blended with Mancini and John Barry's great film themes from "Hatari" and "Out of Africa".

Action:  We had a local cat rescue shelter, Horseshoe Creek, bring by a frisky lion cub, Amanda. Donations were raised by all in attendance for a photo op and a chance to learn what great things the shelter is doing to save neglected wild animal pets.
It was a jungle camp "Jeep-In" movie, a screen was hung on an outside wall and using a business presentation style video projector, the audience sat fireside, watching a great double feature