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Nature Strikes Back! The Birds & Snakes on the Plane Party PDF Print E-mail

Get these %^^$ snakes out of our party!

Set: We combined two great (?) scary movies with the classic Hitchcock "The Birds" with 2007's marketing hit, "Snakes on the Plane" with Samuel L. Jackson. A warm Florida evening for a double feature under the stars was the set of the day. Invitations were Boarding Passes so that we could assign outside seating based on your ZONE!

Costumes:  We had a 757 load of stewardesses and pilots along with the much maligned bird victims!


 The challenge was fowl or reptile, so Curry Chicken, Chick satay and gummy snakes fit the bill. Real brave souls tried the rattlesnake on a skewer!

Drink: Green Jello Shots became AntiVenom and the Stews served drinks in mini-bottles of wine and cocktails along with bags of peanuts. It was a BYO, so all guests had to bring their drinks in clear bags for security.

Score:  If you know Rich, he has a large collection of Horror music, sound effects and film themes. A mix of classic Halloween themes and sound effects played during the cocktail period as well as airport landing and takeoff sound effects, birds screaming and snakes hissing. All in all, a most serene event.