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"The King and I", as seen on the Rachael Ray Show                  "The Godfather Weekend" event

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    "The Living Daylights" Bond Concert                             "Thunderball" Scuba Party           

Rich and Leslie enjoy movies, innovative food and exotic cuisine and people. Over the years, their "entertaining hobby" has taken on a life of its own , with Rich and Leslie creating themed parties that closely resemble a Hollywood production. They call their approach "lights, camera, party", taking their media and theatrical experience and applying it to affordable and no hassle party hosting and themed tours. What was a hobby has grown to national television appearances on "The Rachael Ray Show", charity events and private functions.

Here you will find a sampling of movie and Broadway parties we have created for our movie clubs and special event groups. We will be adding more tips, photos and recipes over the next few months. For the privacy of our guests and the originality and creativity of their party ideas, please request to use content within with permission of themepartypeople.com

The Sound of Music PDF Print E-mail

Set:  A loud collective groan went up from our Movie Club when "The Sound of Music" was chosen as our Movie Night musical of the month. However, much to most of the men's surprise, it turned into one of our more memorable fun themed parties 

Costumes: Here is where a little secrecy adds to the humor,  the men, unbeknownst to their dates,  came dressed as the  nuns. Found online from most costume companies, an inexpensive nuns habit can be purchased for under $30. The ladies ordered "Swiss Miss" costumes, which come in all styles, some traditional and some more sexy! Our do-it yourselfers literally followed the theme to the extent of sewing their own "Fashion by Maria" dresses from curtain material.

Catering: We love Swiss cuisine and prepared several types of fondue, one cheese, one meat and one tomato based.

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Gone with the Wind Party PDF Print E-mail

Set: Rich's brother, Willy, the Civil War re-enactor, flew in and designed a Union camp in the front yard to compliment the Tara decorations. The Confederate decorations and bunting on the house certainly caused the neighbors concern!

Costumes: Southern Belles, Rhett's and Ashley's were numerous as well as a full Union regiment of Civil War caps and blue t-shirts!

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The King and I Dance Party PDF Print E-mail

PRODUCTION: Dancing with the King and I

Featured on the Rachael Ray Show!

We will find any reason to have Thai food and the "King and I" always delivers with a  film with great party elements (exotic location, great characters, great music and great story).  A remastered DVD is available of the Yul Brynner/Deborah Kerr classic in a single and in a multi-pack of Rodgers and Hammerstein classics.

Set: It's good to be King and especially the King of Siam. You can decorate your basement or dining room as the King's Palace. Leslie scoured the fabric stores for bolt end materials that resemble silk and covered our curtains with puffy drapes (she used bubble wrap to make the drapes bulge!). Dollar stores have great inexpensive wood carvings and masks to suggest an Asian decor. And, asking our friends to bring urns, vases and other knick knacks, we had a pretty impressive Palace of the King. Use yellow gels on your lamps and dim the lights down to give a glowing appearance to the dining room setting.

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